The Little Know Formula For Bonding And Creating Greater Intimacy

Want to know the secret of connecting with your spouse on a deeper, more intimate level? It's hidden in plain sight!

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Think it's too hard to really bond and create the marriage you desire and deserve? Think again. It's far easier than you ever imagined.

The 'Hidden Formula' has been used by psychologist, sales-people, and great teachers for generations. So, what exactly is this 'secret code'?

It is the power of asking the right questions!

Quick Story

My wife, Michelle, and I recently went on a road trip to see our oldest grandson in a school play. It was a 10 hour drive, so we put into practice what we teach other couples to do; we pulled out a sheet of paper with 36 questions and took turns asking and answwering them.

We've encouraged couples to do this for years. In fact, we use the same questions we asked each other that day on our road trip.

So, what are the results?

Every couple that takes on this simply task says they feel closer, more intimate, and better understood than they ever have. Michelle and I are no different.

Although we've asked and answered those questions before, we gained new insight and understanding about each other each time. It always makes us feel closer and more connected.

So, Here's My Offer

I want to make these 36 questions available to you as a gift for being a reader of The Healthy Marriage. It's our way of letting you know we appreciate you and offer you one of the best gifts we could give you and yourb spouse - the secret code to deeper bonding.

Simply give us you name and best email and we will send you this free guide - 36 Questions!

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